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13 July 2009

Fair Completion: How to Avoid Darkening of Our Skin?


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Before we go ahead with discussion on color of our skin I would like to tell you one thing that:
Non-white complexion that we Indians have is a blessing in disguise… and that is why there are no cases of Skin Cancer in Indians and other non-white races in the world.

How does our skin become darker?

Now let us come back to our point on color of our skin. Just look at the skin of your body that is always covered with clothes and compare it with your face or your arms. You will notice a vast difference between the complexions of the two areas of your own skin. The reason is that the skin of your arms and face has turned darker due to exposure of the same to sun light.

This has happened because our skin is photosensitive like photo-chromic spectacles / glasses and this characteristic comes from the melanin present in our skin that turns dark for preventing the ultraviolet and infrared radiations of sun-shine from penetrating into the inner layers of your skin and may probably cause skin cancer.

How to prevent our skin from becoming dark:
  1. It is as simple as 1+1 = 2… just protect your skin from exposure against sun and for that you may follow the following guidelines:
  2. Use caps while going in sun
  3. Use sun-glasses / goggles while going out in sun
  4. Wear full sleeves top / shits / pans / jeans while venturing out in sun
  5. Use sun screen lotions twice a day
  6. Use lotions of Calamine composition on your face while going to bed at night
  7. You may also use fairness creams that are available over the counters
  8. Grandmother’s beauty tips made with gram flour, turmeric, rose water, etc may also be tried at night
  9. Rinse your face at least 3 – 4 times with chilled water during summers
  10. Best of luck for a successful beautification mission…

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