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10 July 2009

We and our parents:


Analytical Article:

I have not seen God. I have a remote perception about His entity. Nevertheless; I have seen my parents for my entire early life. Now they are no more. I have their photographs and videos. I use to watch all those imagery and console myself and ask myself to feel their presence out of the memories left behind by them.

Their larger than life persona; their influence on my physical and intellectual entity; in fact, on my very existence; what I speak, what I write, how I look have direct links to my parents. Their images flash in my mind whenever anyone notices all that in me and recognizes me in the crowd as a descendant of them. 

At such times I do recollect the images and profiles of my mom and dad. I feel indebted to the intellect of my dad and the compassion of my mom, parts of which I have inherited.

I even remember mom’s scolding and dad’s slaps across my face and the mistakes and the blunders I committed. I do remember with regrets the fact that, in those days I did not accept my shortcomings for which they used to take extreme steps.  

I also remember my dad sitting all alone in his chair holding his head within his palms, in his study after awarding me a punishment. I cannot forget the relentless flow of tears rolling down the cheeks of my mom following her outbursts on me. 

I love every thing of my parents to the core of my heart.  Yet, I only repent that I should have had this feeling when they were alive in flesh and blood and were moving around.

© Harish Jharia
31 January 2009



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