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11 July 2009

Why Do We Suffer From Acidity And Gas Problems?


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Gas problems are associated with acidity and indigestion; all three of these ailments go concurrently. In fact the primary problem is acidity and indigestion; the gas problem is the result of acidity and indigestion. Our body generates acids in the form of digestive juices that are released in the stomach for breaking down chewed food that we eat, before having pushed down to the intestines for the subsequent stages of digestive process. If we eat improper food, do not chew it properly and gulp it violently along with plenty of water and or liquor associated with smoking we will surely going to be a chronic patient of gas, indigestion and acidity. In addition, if we do not do adequate physical workout and do not burn the consumed calories, then we are sure to face the extreme consequences for abusing our digestive system. Following are the Do(s) and Don’t(s) for prevention: Do (s):
  1. Follow proper time schedule for eating- breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm, dinner at 9pm (examples)
  2. Follow proper timings for going to sleep at 10pm and waking up at 6am (examples)
  3. Go for workout in the morning or evening- brisk running for 45min daily
  4. Chew your food properly
  5. Eat patiently without making haste
  6. Sit, stand or stroll for half an hour after taking food, before going to bed. This will help releasing the air that goes along with food and water via burping / belching
  7. Drink water about half an hour after taking food, and drink plenty of water thereafter
  8. Take plenty of fruits and salads
  9. It is a good idea to slightly grill the non-vegetarian food before going for main cooking
  10. Take light snacks like biscuits or chilled milk while feeling empty stomach
Don’t (s):
  1. Don’t drink water / liquor or any liquid along with eating. Because by doing so the digestive juices will be diluted and be ineffective for breaking down the chewed food
  2. Don’t swallow air along with food or water while eating and drinking. That will result in flatulence
  3. Don’t lie-down immediately after eating food
  4. Don’t eat spicy, deep-fried foods, red meat, junk / fast food and saturated fats
  5. Don’t overeat
  6. Don’t eat heavy food multiple times
  7. Don’t cook vegetables specially leafy greens without thoroughly washing them under running water
  8. Avoid being empty stomach as long as you suffer from this ailment
  9. Your chronic gas problem will be resolved within 4 – 7 days if you follow the above routine. Right now you may take Capsule ‘Ocid” – 20mg, empty stomach in the morning for 7 days.
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