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11 July 2009

What is The Right Age for Girls to Marry


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Aging starts earlier in women as compared to men and if both of you want to look equally young / old after you cross 35 years of age… then 7 - 8 year difference with the prospective groom, would be right for you.

There was an article in 7th July 09 Newspaper conveying a message that “if there is an age difference of 9 – 10 years between husband and wife than the chances of longer life for both is more”.

Couples with almost same age usually quarrel out of ego problems. If husband is 8 year senior to you then it would be quite comfortable for you to respect him and follow his advice. 

For girls, 23 is the best age for marrying because at this age they finish their degree in academics and are ready biologically, for going for a married life.

Nevertheless, girls who are going for professional degrees like BTech, BE, MBA, MTech, MS etc usually wait until 24 – 25 waiting for their academics to finish.

25 yrs of age is equally fine for professionally qualified girls… yet in my view this age is on the borderline of 27 being the maximum suitable age for girls to marry. If they cross 30 then I think it would be a bit late.

Beyond this age (30 years) the later you go for marriage the chances of problems in reproductive system would be more. There are comparatively more cases of childless couples, where the wife had married after 30.

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